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Wholeheartedly Commit to Your Dream

After being laid off from her job as an administrator, Candy intended to build a health and wellness coaching business. However, all she wanted to do for her new business was network for referrals and be a coach. In her former position, her staff had performed all of the tasks necessary to support her work. She wasn't accustomed having to deal with the unpleasant tasks that were needed to establish or maintain her new business.

Instead of realizing that there were going to be chores she didn't like doing, she wanted to recreate the same level of support she'd had before. She tried to stay in her comfort zone. Unfortunately, she didn't have the income to hire people to do these tasks, so she substituted unpaid workers to help her. A series of high school interns and volunteers created her website, followed up with contacts and kept her records.

Since she hadn't written any part of her website, it didn't reflect her values or stress the issues she wanted to work on with her clients. Potential clients were offended by the disinterest of those who followed up with them. And her bookkeeper couldn't decipher her records. Because she wasn't involved with these foundational aspects, the results were disastrous.

For every goal or vision, there are parts of it that you're not going to like doing. To develop any skill, like learning the piano, you have to put in hours of mind numbing practice. You have to step out of what you're accustomed to so you can move forward. If you want to improve your muscle tone, it takes time and exercise. The same is true of bringing any vision to fulfillment.

Successful people know that there are going to be undesirable aspects to achieving their dreams. They may hate the administrative chores or making calls, but they realize that those are necessary evils that accompany the path to their vision. Their intention and commitment is stronger than their distaste for the details, because it allows them to do work they love.

When you're pursuing a vision, you have to stretch and do things you don't like and feel apprehensive doing. You'll be traveling outside of your comfort zone. To make changes in your life, the territory that you're familiar with is going to alter. It's okay to be a little uneasy or even fearful, as long as it doesn't hold you back.

The alternative is to settle back into the familiar and or maybe procrastinate facing the discomfort of the unknown, as Candy did. The pain of not pursuing your dream may be briefly relieved by doing the least amount you can or what you enjoy. All that does is perpetuate the status quo. And when you aren't expanding, your comfort zone shrinks. Eventually, it's even intimidating to do what you once did with ease.

The consequences of staying in your comfort zone are that your avoidance won't bring you the success you crave. It'll just create a downward spiral into failure. Having a half-hearted intention dooms your vision. By the time you decide to devote yourself to your goal wholeheartedly, it may be too late.

With her abilities and knowledge, had Candy been willing to do the unpleasant tasks she refused to face, she would have been successful. Unfortunately, she couldn't transcend her past role and realize her work life had changed. She was unwilling to put forth the needed effort to allow her to do what she enjoyed and felt competent doing. Don't let your dream die the way Candy's did.

At the start, commit yourself to your vision. Be willing to do whatever you need to (that's legal, moral and ethical) to work towards it. Everything that's worth achieving is going to have unpleasant activities associated with it. But you'll be rewarded with the fulfillment of your desire.

When you release the limitations on what you're prepared to do, your subconscious mind swoops in to survey the environment and help you succeed. Opportunities, ideas, assistance and contacts can suddenly show up for you. Your determination will also power your ability to continue through all the difficulties you encounter.

Support yourself with your intention to fulfill your vision. You're going to leap outside of your comfort zone. Accept the unease and discomfort that comes. For only when you wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to making your dream into a reality can it happen.

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