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Strategic Vision
+ Empowered Mindset
+ Consistent Focus
= Success

Are You Ready to Reconnect with Your Passion?

I specialize in working with women service professionals and small business entrepreneurs who are stuck, scattered or ovewhelmed with everything they think they need to do. They want to grow their business, but have gotten lost and can't see the forest for the trees.

My coaching, mentoring and consulting services are designed to help you breakthrough, get back on track and accelerate to the next level of your business on your terms. Instead of reacting to whatever happens in your business and spinning your wheels, you become intentional and proactive. You make decisions in advance, so you can follow them automatically. This allows you to stay on course, program your business for success and be assured of the success you deserve. 

As a vision strategist and hypnotherapist for 30 years, I've helped scores of people determine their true goal, develop their vision, create and execute the strategies that achieved it. Years of working with clients allowed me fine-tune my system to be comprehensive.

What You Can Expect:

  • Reduced Stress. Your decisions and direction will be more clear, allowing you focus on the tasks that are truly important.

  • Clear strategies. These make your marketing decisions easier.

  • Tactics to avoid distractions. This allows you to get and stay on course.

  • Increased self-confidence. Confidence, and an "I can" attitude, will propel you to success.

  • A 3-year action plan. This gives you an overview of where you're going and what you're doing for the next 3 years.

  • A 90-day action plan. You'll know what you're going to do for the next 3-months.

  • Accelerated progress. You'll get to your next level quickly.

My system can take you from being immobilized
to momentum and success.

Instead of dealing with just one area of your business at a time, we approach it holistically. We take it apart and put it together again so your business works for you. You'll clarify your direction, design your vision, formulate strategies and customize systems that propel you forward.

Areas you'll address:

  • Clarity. As you start uncovering what it is you truly want, you'll discover the direction you want to go.

  • Mindset. You'll uncover some of the ideas that have been sabotaging you, eliminate them and develop ones that will support and empower you.

  • Strategic Vision. You'll design a clear and authentic vision, and create your plan for going forward, including your marketing strategies.

  • Priorities. You'll streamline your business so it works for you and establish more order and ease for your days.

  • Focus. You'll keep your attention on what drives you and stay on course so you'll accelerate your progress.

As your coach and mentor, I'll support you to take the steps you've decided upon, while keeping you focused for maximum success.

There are two ways to be coached one-on-one

Accelerate the Course of Your Business Retreat Intensive.
This a single day immersion into your business. You're led through all 5 areas of my system. Not only do we address your vision and plan, we set priorities for you to ensure you stay on track. This includes pre-work and a half-hour follow-up session 2-3 weeks later. This transforms your business quickly.

Stay on Course to Your Vision.
This is a 6 month deep dive into designing your vision for your business, developing your plan and keeping you on track. We focus on each step of my system, and make sure that you have the necessary elements in place to soar to your next level of success.

If you're ready for a breakthrough in your business, I invite you to apply for a Get on Course Complimentary Consultation. This consultation isn't a coaching session. It's a session to identify if you're ready to move forward and if we're a good fit to work together. Not everyone is ready for this consultation, but your application will be considered.

Once you apply for the consultation, you'll need to check your email. I'll have sent you an email with a few questions for you to answer. Your acceptance will be based on your answers and my schedule. If you don't see an email from Linda-Ann Stewart or LAS@Linda-AnnStewart.com, please check your bulk mail or spam folder in your email program.

Linda-Ann Stewart is a wonderful coach on both a business and a personal level. She has such a positive way of guiding you and helping you find the path to achieving your vision. I would highly recommend her service!

Kay C.

As a result of my work with Linda-Ann, I learned how to say 'no' to inappropriate demands on my time at work.

As a result, I'm feeling much better, and less stressed about my job. I don't feel as pressured and also have an increased sense of self-confidence.

And the strategies we discussed to help me study better has improved my ability to concentrate and absorb more information easier.

I love the feeling as if I've been talking with her forever.

Love you and thank you,

Carla B.

WOW! Sometimes when you pray for a light, the response is so amazing that you could not have even thought of that as an answer.

I immediately felt comfortable with her easy going nature.After discussing my history and the areas I wanted to work on, we laid out a plan on how to achieve those results.

Each session after that focused on one specific area and how I was working on that or what I needed to do next.

Linda-Ann is a caring individual who does not have your answers...she leads YOU to "find your answers". She has the talent for hearing the underlying important issues and questions you through the process of seeing a solution. Linda-Ann also has the resources to give you more information about a question if it's needed.

I recommend using Linda Ann in helping you find your solutions to life's hurdles.

Thank you Linda....I love you!

Beth M.

I have worked with Linda-Ann on and off for over 8 years. She has been my hypnotherapist as well as coach.

With her counsel, I have been able to move into "single mom-hood" with a courage and strength I did not know I possessed. Being a stay-at-home mom left me with little to fall back on in the corporate world, and yet, with Linda-Ann's encouragement I started my own nutraceutical company. 

I thank God every day for her love and gentle support.

JoEllin Dahlin


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