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"Recreate Your Life"

6 Keys To Shatter Your Barriers
To Success and Abundance

Most people are hypnotized by their mindset. They believe ideas about themselves and their world that aren't true. Unfortunately, they then act on those false beliefs, and bring lack, struggle and failure into their lives.

Only by eliminating the false, limiting beliefs about themselves and their world can they begin to live up to their potential. And only by opening up to greater possibilities can they begin to achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

  • Do you feel blocked?
  • Do you feel frustrated?
  • Do you have no time for yourself?
  • Are you afraid of making a mistake?
  • Do you feel stressed or pressured?
  • Do you feel confused?
  • Do you not know what to do to change?
  • Are you sabotaging yourself?
  • Do you need more confidence?

Is this you? Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward, not living the life you want? If so, "Recreate Your Life" will help to propel you forward to the life of your dreams. For years, the strategies used in my program have helped people transform their lives.

You know that if you don't make an effort to change, nothing will improve. Are you committed to making your life as good as it can get? Are you dedicated to overcoming your own barriers so you can become the best person you can be? Then "Recreate Your Life: 6 Keys To Shatter Your Barriers To Success and Abundance" Coaching System is exactly what you've been looking for.

As a life coach, mentor, speaker and hypnotherapist, I have over twenty years of successful experience in helping people let go of their limitations and achieve their goals. I can assist you to accomplish what you want in your life, too. I can help you make permanent changes in your beliefs and attitudes that will quickly open up your horizons to new possibilities. And those greater possibilities will bring you much better results and outcomes.

My 6-step system can take you from being immobilized to empowerment and success. You'll tune into what you really want, and discover what time and energy wasting ideas to let go of in your life.

My system will help you to deal with the issues that are holding you back. Here are some of the things you'll find in my "Recreate Your Life" system.

  • Focus on your goals. The more you focus on something, positive or negative, the more it will appear in your life. Most people just focus on what they fear, and wonder why what they fear keeps happening to them. 

  • Naturally reduce stress to give you more mental and emotional resources. Stress decreases your ability to make changes and perform at peak levels. If you don't manage your stress, you won't be able to make any improvements in your life.

  • Take your power back. Where, and to whom, have you given your power to? People and situations will take advantage of you because you don't stop them. Don't you want to have more control over your own life, happiness and success?

  • Improve your self-esteem. Self-worth affects everything in your life. Without it, your life, career, relationships, health and well-being suffer.

  • Access your natural internal program for success. You have an inborn mental program that directs you to success. The problem is that you've been misusing it and that has resulted in less than stellar experiences.

  • Shut down old negative programming that's holding you back. If you don't address it, you won't be able to move forward.

  • Counteract the negative thoughts that automatically crop up. Negative thinking makes you depressed, anxious, and focused on what isn't working. It's counterproductive and creates problems, not solutions.

  • Be more of an optimist. A positive mindset is more important to success than education, for everything from quitting smoking to getting promoted.

  • Tone down the inner, critical voice that's been dragging you down. It makes you feel like you're never good enough. It performed an important function in the past, but no longer. This inner critic won't change unless you change it.

  • Identify and overcome your self-limitations. You can only go as far as you'll allow yourself to go. You're the one that has been holding you back, with your beliefs and attitudes. If you don't change them, you'll just keep getting more of what your life has been in the past.

  • Eliminate self-sabotage. There are reasons that you keep undermining your chances for success and happiness and they need to be addressed. Otherwise, your life will remain on the same merry-go-round that it's on today.

  • Become aware of what thoughts, beliefs and actions are undermining you. By recognizing them, you'll be able to take positive actions to counter them. You'll be able to turn them around to support you. If you don't discover these thoughts, then they'll continue to be an unconscious anchor in your life. And you'll never notice when it's happening until it's too late.

  • Commit to your goal and well-being. When you're willing to do what's necessary to make improvements, all levels of your mind support you. If you aren't willing to dedicate yourself to your increased well-being, then nothing will improve.

As a result of my work with Linda-Ann, I learned how to say 'no' to inappropriate demands on my time at work.

As a result, I'm feeling much better, and less stressed about my job. I don't feel as pressured and also have an increased sense of self-confidence.

And the strategies we discussed to help me study better has improved my ability to concentrate and absorb more information easier.

I love the feeling as if I've been talking with her forever.

Love you and thank you,

Carla B.

Positive Results You Can Expect From My 6-Step Process:

  • Achieve what you desire. You've always had the ability to accomplish it, and now you'll be able to have what you want. 

  • Expand into your full potential.

  • Be more authentic. You'll not only feel happier and more centered, but you'll also present yourself to the world in a more positive, successful way.

  • Increase your self-confidence. Confidence, and an "I can" attitude, will propel you to success.

  • Become empowered. Take charge of your life so you make the decisions that are best for your well-being.

  • More creativity. This allows you to not only express yourself more, but also find interesting solutions to problems.

  • Attract circumstances and people that uplift you. Some people call this the Law of Attraction. It simply means that "birds of a feather flock together." People enjoy being around positive people. And when you're more positive, your creative mind searches for and recognizes opportunities a negative person can't see.

  • Uncover the benefits in challenges. When you learn how to change your attitude towards challenges, you'll be able to extract advantages from them.
Not only will I help you discover your own inner resources, wisdom and direction, but I'll share my knowledge with you to help you on your road to success. I'm a practical person. Instead of more motivation and inspiration, you'll get down to earth advice and techniques to make the changes you want. With me as your coach and mentor, you'll have an advocate for your true potential and someone who will support you in your progress.

WOW! Sometimes when you pray for a light, the response is so amazing that you could not have even thought of that as an answer.

I was lucky enough to be the winner of four personal coaching sessions with Linda-Ann Stewart. I had never had a session with a personal coach before but was excited to go through the process.

We started with discussing my history and getting a feel for the areas I wanted to work on. I immediately felt comfortable with her easy going nature.

The second session was an in-depth talk about focusing on the most important areas to me and laying out a plan on how to achieve those results.

Each session after that was focusing on one specific area and how I was working on that or what I needed to do next.

Linda-Ann is a caring individual who does not have your answers...she leads YOU to "find your answers". She has the talent for hearing the underlying important issues and questions you through the process of seeing a solution. Linda-Ann also has the resources to give you more information about a question if it's needed.

I recommend using Linda Ann in helping you find your solutions to life's hurdles.

Thank you Linda....I love you!

Beth M.

I've helped people in the following fields for over twenty years. I understand their issues, not only because of my experience with these clients, but because I've walked in their shoes. I've personally dealt with many of the issues they've struggled with. Using the steps of my system, I've overcome low self-worth, self-sabotage, and worry.

I specialize in working with the following groups of people:

  • Women who are overwhelmed
  • Business women, professional women and entrepreneurs
  • Creative people (i.e. artists, writers, fabric artists, etc.)
  • Caregivers (i.e. nurses, home health workers, family members, etc.)
  • Complementary or alternative practitioners (i.e. massage therapists, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, etc.)

I've put this program together based on my years of personal and professional experience and determining which techniques work the best to create the changes you want.

I have worked with Linda-Ann on and off for over 8 years. She has been my hypnotherapist as well as life coach.

With her counsel, I have been able to move into "single mom-hood" with a courage and strength I did not know I possessed. Being a stay-at-home mom left me with little to fall back on in the corporate world, and yet, with Linda-Ann's encouragement I started my own nutraceutical company. 

I thank God every day for her love and gentle support.

JoEllin Dahlin

Our time together will be an intense period of learning and transformation for you. As your coach and mentor, I'll hold you accountable to yourself for taking the steps you've decided upon. I'll keep you focused and motivated while you do the actual work to improve your life thus guaranteeing maximum success.

Life coaching and mentoring isn't therapy. We won't be concerned with how you got to where you are. Instead we'll focus on what's happening in your life now, and where you want it to go. Changing the focus from the past to the present, we'll address what needs to be done now to move you forward.

Some of the extra techniques I offer to help you make a breakthrough are: 

  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization and imagery
  • Exercises to identify self-sabotaging inner talk and change it
  • And more

Together, we can make your life into what you've always dreamed it would be.

My Guarantee To You

After you complete the "Recreate Your Life" program, you'll know more about the patterns and thoughts that hold you back and how to deal with them. You'll also have a specific plan of action created for you so you can reach your goal or I'll refund your money out of my own pocket. 

Don’t Waste Any More Time In Taking The Next Step To Create The Life You Want

Contact me now to schedule a complimentary 30 minute exploratory session by email at and write "Coaching Session" in the subject line. Or call me at (928) 600-0452. These sessions are generally scheduled for a Tuesday or Thursday.

Once you decide to move forward, and choose a package that's appropriate for you, we'll schedule your 1 1/2 - 2 hour Quickstart Vision Session. This session provides a foundation and framework for our future sessions. I'll coach you through the steps and stages you choose for your goal.

The Quickstart Vision Session will help you to:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Decide what you want
  • Map out a plan to improve your life
  • Decide what the next step is for you

How much longer are you going to struggle with your life? Contact me TODAY to get started living the life you deserve.

Contact me now to schedule a complimentary 30 minute exploratory session by email at and write "Coaching Session" in the subject line. Or call me at (928) 600-0452. 

Your email address will not be made available to other people, companies or organizations. Your privacy is important to me.



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