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About Linda-Ann Stewart

Linda-Ann Stewart

Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known speaker, hypnotherapist, life coach and writer, with over thirty years of experience in personal development. A resident of Sedona, Arizona since 1982, she opened her private hypnotherapy and life coaching practice in the Sedona area in 1990.

Linda-Ann Stewart is a specialist in how a person's beliefs, attitudes and expectations can color their life. Her motivational and educational programs help people recognize how their thoughts can hinder their performance and productivity. They learn how to change their thoughts to create positive attitudes and increased efficiency. Based on her decades of experience in helping clients, she's an authority on how you can be hypnotized by your mindset to either sabotage yourself or achieve your goals.
As a writer, she's had over 250 articles on mindset, motivation and empowerment published in magazines, newsletters and online. Using a holistic approach, Linda-Ann explains how a person's beliefs, attitudes and expectations can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for success or failure.

For over seven years, she facilitated county Tobacco-Cessation classes, addressing the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of the tobacco-user. She pointed out how their beliefs affected their choice whether to smoke or not. Scores of people successfully became tobacco-free.

Linda-Ann is a professional member of National Speaker's Association and was on the Board of National Speaker's Association-Arizona chapter. In 2013, she was awarded NSA-Arizona's "Member of the Year." She's spoken at many venues in the Southwest U.S., including: associations, organizations, schools, and industry conferences.

She's given presentations and workshops at annual hypnotherapy symposiums, and won their "Member of the Year" award. She works with individuals, organizations, associations and businesses to help people get unstuck so they can move forward with confidence, have less stress and more success.

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