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Clients And What They're Saying

What They're Saying

"Linda-Ann gave an excellent presentation at our monthly meeting which actually exceeded my expectations. She delivered 100% content with zero fluff and even gave the audience extra material for their perusal at home. Several of the members contacted me to tell me how impressed they were with her and her presentation. I would recommend her without reservation."
- Ted Frieband
Vice President
Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis

"As a result of Linda-Ann's presentation, my life is going in a completely different direction than before. Her presentation sparked something in me to do stuff for myself for the first time ever. I've been on fire since then, and have started my own business, gotten back into my creative ventures, and focused on personal development. I've even made some changes in my personal life. I thank her from the bottom of my heart."
- Cheryl Huber

"It was such a pleasure to have Linda-Ann as our emcee! Full of charm, fully competent, and able to help us with much less notice than we thought possible! She's a delight. This year our festival drew attendees from 38 states and 8 foreign countries!"
- Ross Hawkins, Ph.D.
CEO of the Hummingbird Society and organizer of the Hummingbird Festival
The Hummingbird Society

"Very motivating and re-charging presentation today by the fabulous Linda-Ann Stewart! She shared how your mindset is the most important skill you possess. Focus on the ideas and beliefs that SUPPORT your success! If you are looking for a speaker to address your group with some powerful mindset tools, Linda-Ann is your gal!"
- Leeanne Gardner
Meeting Organizer
Unbridle IT: Business Basics You Can Implement Today

"You have a unique ability to format your material during the presentation according to the educational needs and instruction level required by your audience. This skill allows you to tailor the presentation "mid-stream" and really help the attendees learn and grow. You have a natural speaking style that is easy to listen to."
- Tyler Johnson
Conference Manager
NACE - International Autobody Congress & Exposition
Hanley Woods Exhibitions

"It was a true pleasure to hear your message. Thank you so much. We enjoyed your presentation and we are already putting your message to work in our lives."
- Alysia B.

"I enjoyed Linda-Ann's talk and it did inspire me to take action.  For that, I am forever thankful."
- Doreen A. Collins
Owner/Professional Organizer
Organizing by Doreen

"Linda Ann Stewart recently was a guest speaker at our WREN group (Women's Resource Educational Network). She is a very warm, positive and personable person that fit right in with our group. The information that she shared with us is valuable in so many different ways. She taught us that focusing on the goal that we want to achieve involves may different steps in order to be successful. We were all very happy with her presentation and feel blessed to have met her and spent time with her. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagements that you may have."
- Cindy Webb
President of WREN Arizona

"I want to let you know that I thought of some of your strategies several times today on stress management & empowerment! Thanks for the inspiration! I thought your presentation was dynamic with valuable strategies and I will be happy to recommend you to other groups as well! Thank you for your time, energy and expertise!"
- Barbara B.
Retreat Organizer

"Ms. Stewart spoke to the ladies Civic Club in December. The following comments were made concerning her presentation: poignant, candid, soul searching, and relevant. Thanks to Ms. Stewart for making so many individuals aware of possibilities for boosting self confidence and awareness."
- Jo Burke
President of Lake Montezuma Women's Civic Club

"Linda-Ann, Your presentation to the Rotary Club of Sedona was well received and indeed was excellent. Spontaneously many in the audience thanked me for recruiting you to speak to us and commented how much help your presentation was to them. Many wished that they had had the information earlier in their careers as the techniques will and would have been of great use to them. Thank you so much."
- R. Roderic Abbott, M.D.
Rotary Club of Sedona

"Linda-Ann is great to work with! We received lots of positive feedback from the attendees. We were so grateful to have Linda-Ann share her joyful spirit and abundant creativity with us."
- Rev. Julianne Lewis
Unity of the Southwest

"Thank you so much for your delightful presentation at my Yoga Meets Dance Teacher Training. I most appreciate your cheerfulness, promptness and the helpful information you offered the trainees. The participants especially enjoyed the 'how to's' you presented for selling themselves as movement teachers to various groups. Your presentation was professional and insightful."
- Beth Rigby

"I really liked Linda-Ann's humor, and taking the time to do the relaxation exercise. I didn't want to open my eyes at first."
- Gayna Breeze

"Linda-Ann presented great material and was an enthusiastic speaker."
- Cindy Karlson

"I liked to see that other people have stress, also. The thought that there's hope is helpful."
- Bill Hawkins

"Linda-Ann presented this subject very clearly. I was skeptical about hypnosis, but it is not anything that I thought it was. It was very relaxing, and I enjoyed it. The stress in my shoulder and neck is gone."
- Joleen Miller

"I found the information on ways to deal with stress very valuable. The best part of the seminar was the relaxing time."
- Joann Cain

"Linda-Ann explained the stress portion and the hypnosis portion of the seminar very well. It was helpful to review the physical manifestions of stress. Reinforcing the power of visualization and relaxation to help change was very beneficial. And the actual hypnotic relaxation was one of the best parts of the seminar."
- Brenda Stengel

"Very well-presented. I found it very valuable to learn the 'steps to releasing creativity' and silencing criticism."
- Penny Connell

"The best part was getting in touch with my creativity. Seeing different ways to contact the inner self was very valuable."
- Kimberley Smith

"Excellent. It was more than I expected."
- Susan Wynn



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