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Vision, Goals and Dreams

The Journey to Finding Clarity (618 words) - Do you have a situation that's been causing problems, but you're not sure what the real issue is? When you're in the middle of the situation, it's hard to identify what's wrong. But to be able to find a solution, you first have to get clear on the problem. Learn some tips to finding clarity, which is your first step to a solution.

Update Your Internal GPS to Reach Your Vision (651 words) - You've probably used a GPS (Global Positioning System) in your car to find your way to a destination. But your car's GPS isn't always accurate. The same can be true of your internal GPS, that part of you that guides your decisions and actions. Your inner guidance system could be operating on incorrect or outdated information and directing you the wrong way. Learn what types of data could take you off course, and what to do to course correct so you reach the destination of your vision.

Do You Suffer from the Shiny Object Syndrome? (653 words) - The Shiny Object Syndrome can derail your goals and vision. It's a signal that something is amiss in your life. When you chase shiny objects, it creates confusion and stress, which worsens the situation. Learn to identify this syndrome when it happens, why it happens, and how to overcome it.

4 Ways You Sabotage Yourself (and how to deal with them) (624 words) - If you're stuck and can't make progress on a goal, then you may be sabotaging yourself. Self-sabotage can be frustrating and discouraging. When you're undermining yourself, you probably are acting on old ideas that don't work for you anymore. Discover 4 common ways you sabotage yourself and how to overcome them.

Focus, the Power Behind Success (797 words) - Brian Tracy said, "Your ability to focus is the most important success skill you can ever develop." Focus will determine whether you achieve your goals or fail at them. Fortunately, the ability to focus is a skill that you can learn and develop. Discover how you can cultivate the habit of focus and let it carry you to success.

Why You Need a Vision and Plan (614 words) - Some people want to go with the flow, and are resistant to working on a plan. The downside to that philosophy is that they simply react to what comes into their path. For there to be growth or better results, like with a garden, you have to have a vision and a plan of how to accomplish it. Learn how to reap greater rewards in your life through having a vision and plan.

Don't Slow Before the Finish Line (787 words) - Do you take your foot off the gas as you approach your goal? Do you slow down and just barely accomplish it or maybe miss it entirely? This situation needs to be addressed if you want to change a habit, improve your health or achieve success in your personal or professional life. Discover 3 ways you can sabotage your goals, and what to do about this issue.

Be Mindful of Your Vision (667 words) - Mindfulness and vision aren't in opposition, but complement each other. Being mindful about your goals and actions propels you towards your vision. However, life can provide you with a lot of distractions. Learn 6 tactics to help you stay mindful and focused on the path to your vision.

Finding Your Course in Unstable Times (529 words) - Are you feeling unsettled by the the current situation caused by COVID-19? You're not alone. It's hard to find direction and balance when life is so uncertain. To get back on track, execute these 3 strategies and you'll come through stronger and more resilient.

How to Create Your Ideal Life (669 words) - Many people just drift along, propelled by outside forces, and living a haphazard life. But you're creating your life every day, by your thoughts and actions. What if you could create your best life by taking charge and channeling your energy towards it? Use these 6 steps to create your ideal life, and open the door to something better.

How to Stay On Course with Your Priorities (660 words) - Life comes at you so fast that it's hard to stay focused on your priorities. Instead, you get stressed and deal with what's most immediate. This also means you make decisions from habit and not on your priorities, so you get off course. Learn a simple technique that can reduce stress, quickly calm down your nervous system and allow you to make better decisions.

Are Distractions Sabotaging Your Success? (672 words) - Distractions come at you from every direction. They're hard to ignore and dismiss. But many of the interruptions you encounter are of your own choice or creation. They sabotage your productivity and peace of mind. Learn 4 tips to minimize distractions take control over your time and improve your results.

Set Yourself Up for Success (605 words) - Willpower isn't your best friend when improving your life or achieving a goal. When you get tired or distracted, willpower fades. Instead, create conditions in your environment so they support your endeavor. Learn a better, easier and more successful way that will keep you on course.

How Accountability Can Increase Your Success (702 words) - With life being so busy, it's hard to set and focus on fulfilling your goals. Goals become a casualty of the pressures of everyday life. But when you hold yourself accountable to stay on track, you can increase your likelihood of achieving your goal. Learn 5 ways you can be accountable that will accelerate your chances of success.

4 Reasons Why You Don't Pursue Your Dream (and What to Do About Them) (760 words) - Are you procrastinating taking action on a dream you want to realize? There are many reasons why you daydream about what you want, but don't do anything about it. Once you discover what the reason is, you can find, and implement the solution. Learn 4 reasons why you're putting off pursuing your dream and what to do about it.

Are Your Expectations Realistic? (648 words) - Sometimes, people don't have realistic expectations. They may hope they can have their desire, but if they're not committed to it, they probably won't achieve it. Here are some steps to creating a reasonable goal and how to accomplish it.

How To Make And Keep Your New Year's Resolutions (695 words) - Many people make New Year's Resolutions, but within a few weeks, give up on them. This is unfortunate, because they are a positive way to change the course of your life. When you make them, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. Learn some ways you can use to maximize your success in creating and keeping your resolutions.

What Intentions Are You Signaling? (728 words) - You signal your intentions every day. But are you following through on them? Many times, you choose to go in a direction, but give conflicting messages that confuse your inner mind and the people around you. Learn how to stay aligned with your intentions so you reach your desired outcome.

Your Choice Creates Your Outcome (617 words) - Every choice you make has a potential consequence to it. You don't necessarily get what you want, but the results of the choices you make everyday. Learn how your choices create the life you have and how you can change them to have the life you want.

Decide to Choose Clarity (604 words) - Having clarity about what you want is important for you to have success in your life. Otherwise you'll simply drift. But clarity is a choice. When you decide to move in a direction, your choices become more evident. Learn how you can clear away confusion, and begin to make progress.

Consistency: The Key To Your Success (761 words) - When you behave in a particular way, you're going to reap the results of what you're doing. This can be what you want, or it can be an outcome you hadn't counted on. The only way to achieve the success of your goals is to consistently take actions that lead you in that direction. Learn what you need to do to create the life you want, personally and professionally.

5 Secrets to Improve Your Chances of Success (696 words) - People tend to think that all they have to do to achieve a goal is to focus on it and take actions. But their overall mindset is important to support their focus. If their thoughts are predominently negative, then they'll have an uphill battle. Learn 5 ways to improve the quality of your thoughts so you can increase the positive energy of your focus.

Transform Motion Into Action (666 words) - People tend to get stuck in planning and don't take the steps necessary to move towards their goals or desires. They spin around in motion, confusing being busy with accomplishment. Learn how to get out of motion and into action, which is the only way you'll achieve your dreams.

Talk Yourself Through It (696 words) - Everyone has a self-dialogue with themselves. It can either be demeaning or constructive. By shifting your conversation with yourself to be positive and encouraging, you can achieve goals you wouldn't have thought possible. Learn how to make your self-talk your new best friend.

What's Your Priority? (710 words) - Distractions can become a pattern when you're working towards a goal. They drag you off track, and can be a way of staying in your comfort zone. You need to believe that your priorities are more important. Learn how to move through any resistance to your vision and make it a reality.

Creating Rituals for Success (673 words) - You have all sorts of routines you've unconsciously created to help you transition from one time of day to another. When you consciously create rituals that shift you from one activity to another, you're more productive, efficient and relaxed. Learn how to intentionally create rituals so that you're able to make progress on your goals much more quickly.

Achieve Your Vision One Step at a Time (629 words) - Sometimes, a goal may seem like it's out of reach for you. If you don't believe you can achieve it, you won't. That's when you build your belief so you can accomplish it. Learn how to create the plan necessary to fulfill your vision.

Imagine Your Best Day (638 words) - Do you approach your days with dread or empowerment? Your attitude prompts your actions, which affect your results. In a large part, your attitude creates what you experience. Learn how to begin taking control of your attitude and improving your outcomes.

7 Ways You Sabotage Your Goals (739 words) - When you look at your life, you can discover what your priorities have been. If you haven't achieved your goals, then you've been making decisions that have sabotaged yourself. When you understand why you've been making these choices, you can create a plan that will keep you on track. Learn to become aware of the reasons you make decisions and how to make the right choices.

To Get What You Want, Ask for It (692 words) - We have a reluctance to ask for what we want. Not only are we not supposed to want more, but we fear rejection. But unless we learn to ask, we'll only receive what we already have. Learn how to overcome those barriers and start asking for what you want.

Are You Getting Detoured? (703 words) - If you don't know where you're going, detours could take you permanently off course, in both your personal and professional lives. Each day is made up of hundreds of decisions, and if you're not careful, you could end up going in the wrong direction. Learn the questions to ask yourself so that you stay on course.

5 Ways Fear Sabotages Your Goals (897 words) - Do you ever dream about a goal, but don't move forward on it? If so, fear has probably held you back and sabotaged your progress. Fear shows up in all sorts of ways, and some of them are incidious. Learn some of the ways that fear has prevented you from achieving your dreams and what to do about them.

Are You Expecting Too Little? (744 words) - Many people avoid having expectations in an effort to reduce disappointment and be happier. But if you don't have any expectations, you don't strive to improve your life. Expectations are necessary to assess whether you've met your goals or not. Learn the importance of having realistic expectations and how you can use them to your benefit.

Do You Have a Clear Vision of Your Desire? (710 words) - Napoleon Hill said, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." But before you can accomplish anything, you have to have a clear vision of what you want. Without that, you don't have a destination to aim towards. Learn why you need a clear vision, what could sabotage it, and how to successfully achieve what you want.

Wholeheartedly Commit to Your Dream (733 words) - Many people hang out in their comfort zone when they have a dream or vision. This dooms the vision to failure. To achieve your goal or vision, there are going to be tasks that you don't like performing. Learn how to shift into accepting this reality so that you accomplish the success you crave.

Actions Favor a Prepared Mind (707 words) - Many people think that all they need for success is to get into action. But if that was true, everyone who has ever taken action would be successful. If you don't prepare your mind so that it supports your vision, your actions won't bring you the results you want. Learn how to harvest beneficial results from the garden of your mind.

Take Charge of Your Life (596 words) - For the most part, your destiny is in your hands. Whether you want to fulfill your New Year's Resolutions, start an exercise program, or build a business, your success or failure depends on the thoughts you think, the choices you make and the actions you take. Learn the 4 steps to help you take charge and live your life more intentionally.

Develop Your Potential to Reach Your Dream (921 words) - If you're not living your dream now, then you have to change. Not only do you need to change what you're doing, but to become someone different. You'll need to develop the qualities, skills, habits and actions that will allow you to succeed. Learn 5 areas essential to address if you want to reach your dream.

Is Your Attention on Your Intention? (787 words) - Is your focus on what's important to you or are you allowing someone else to choose your agenda? Wherever you put your attention becomes your priority. Learn some of the ways you get distracted from your intention and how to get refocused.

Are You Putting Off Pursuing Your Dreams? (739 words) - If you aren't taking action to bring your dream into reality, then your conscious thoughts and subconscious beliefs are out of alignment. You could be resisting making the changes necessary to bring it about. Only when the pain of not having your dream outweighs your reluctance will you start moving towards it. Discover how you can inspire yourself to pursue your dreams.

Eliminate What's Not Working (781 words) - Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed or like your life isn't progressing the way you want it to? Without your knowledge, you're probably holding onto something that's directly or indirectly be getting in the way of your dream. Before you can move forward, you need to become aware of and release it. Learn about the 3 areas that can undermine you and what you can do to eliminate those blocks.

Avoid These 7 Traps That Sabotage Your Dreams (721 words) - Do you have a dream or a vision that you're not actively pursuing? If so, you're not alone. Self-sabotage is an insidious, subversive and subtle act. It gets hidden amongst the busyness of your life. Discover 7 ways you undermine yourself and how you can remedy them.

Say "Yes" to Your Vision (893 words) - Are you procrastinating taking steps towards your dream? If so, you're telling yourself that it's not important, which diminishes your self-worth. Committing to your isn't always easy. But when you start prioritizing it, you're telling yourself that what you want matters. Learn how pursuing your vision builds self-respect and changes all areas of your life.

The 3 Ingredients that Empower Your Vision (776 words) - Do you have a dream you want to experience? If you're not taking action to bring it into reality, then you're missing a necessary element that's preventing you from doing so. Success happens by design, and takes thought and attention. Learn the 3 vital ingredients to succeeding in any venture.

Don't Push the River (774 words) - Do you ever get impatient with the speed at which you're moving towards your dream? And do you ever try to force events to go faster? If so, you probably have the experience of your efforts backfiring. You may not be able to push circumstances your way, but you can learn how to use the flow to your advantage. Learn about 3 aspects to address so you can swim with the current.

Are You Putting the Cart Before the Horse? (701 words) - Do you leap into action before you know what you want the results to be? If so, you waste your time and energy. There are pitfalls to taking action before you have a plan or a vision. Learn why preparation is the key to success.

7 Ways You Unconsciously Limit Your Vision (782 words) - Are you aiming high enough for your dream or are you restraining it? When you try to keep your dream small, you'll probably reach it but no farther. You confine it for various reasons, to avoid disappointment or concerns over reaching it. When you identify the issue holding you down, you can address it and start soaring into a greater success.

Set Your New Year's Intention (744 words)- Having a long list of New Year's resolutions doesn't work. Because of their failure with them, many people have become disenchanted with them. They want to create change in their life, but they don't harness the motivation of the New Year to do so. But if you set an intention for the year, you'll be inspired to cultivate the change you want.

How to Move Up the Ladder of Success (720 words) - To achieve your next goal, you have to change the way you've done things. What has gotten you to where you are now won't get you to that next level. You'll need a new mindset, tactics and behaviors. Discover what to do to take your next step.

How to Program Yourself for Success (605 words) - Are you feeding your mind accurate information? If not, you're not going to get the results you want. Your mental programming must support your dreams, goals and vision for you to be successful. The good news is that you're always programming your mind. You just need to program it for the outcome you desire. Discover 4 steps to program your mind for success.

Don't Let Distractions Crush Your Dreams (642 words) - Are you having trouble putting your priorities first? Many people have trouble with interuptions and distractions when they're pursuing a goal. If you want to achieve your goal, you have to fulfill your priorities before you deal with the interuptions. Learn why it's important to satisfy your priorities and what happens when you do.

Align Your Heart with Your Vision (746 words) - Does something hold you back from taking action on a goal? Or do you have a block to making progress? If so, your beliefs and vision may be out of alignment. Your beliefs or passion may not support your dream. Or your vision may not be clear enough or the right one for you. Learn a couple of questions to ask yourself to clarify what the problem might be. Because once you know the issue, you can take steps to resolve it.

Are You Living on Autopilot? (726 words) - In an aircraft, the autopilot is a tool to assist the plane to stay on course, allowing the pilot to attend to other things. But it's not perfect and needs course correcting on a regular basis, just like in your life. If you're not paying attention to your goals, you'll probably end up far from where you want. Discover 7 symptoms of living on autopilot and what to do to get back in control.

Are You Being Intentional with Your Goals? (669 words ) - Most people don't set goals, and someone or something makes the decision for them. Sometimes, they simply take the path of least resistance. They're living their lives haphazardly. When you're intentional about your goals and follow through on them, you'll start seeing results. Discover the 4 steps to live your life on purpose.

Mindset, Beliefs and Attitudes

Find the Good in Your Life (923 words) - It's natural to notice more negativity around you than what's positive. This is an effect called the Negativity Bias and it's a human characteristic to help us survive. Unfortunately, if it takes over your life, it can be detrimental to all areas. Learn what this bias is, what it can do, and how to counter its effect.

Are You Shoulding on Yourself? (377 words) - Trying to guilt yourself to do something is doomed to fail. That kind of coercion just creates more distress and anxiety. Instead of defying it or giving into it, shift your attitude towards what's that voice is trying to get you to do. Discover how you can take back your power and feel better about yourself.

Reframe to Empower Yourself (665 words) - Your perspective of a situation affects the way you react to it. However, when you can think about it differently, that opens up other options for you. One way to shift your viewpoint is to reframe the situation. Learn what reframing is and 3 steps on how to do it, empowering you to extract the benefits it can provide you.

What Are You Expecting? (529 words) - It's human nature to only notice things that agree with what you expect. But that restricts the opportunities and possibilities that you can accept. Your expectations then become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Learn a way to break through your assumptions so you're able to improve your outcomes.

The Power of Perspective (490 words) - Your perspective can make a situation better or worse. Robert Schuller said, "Tough times don't last, tough people do." You have control over how you respond to an issue. When you learn how to take a long term perspective, you have greater resources to succeed.

Is the Fear of Criticism Holding You Back? (573 words) - The fear of criticism is a frequent stumbling block when you want to change or achieve a goal. Fear of disapproval keeps you from risking or trying something new. If others are criticizing you, it's not about you, it's about control. Learn how to transform your beliefs about criticism so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Motivation (673 words) - Although you can only motivate yourself, you can seek out support to assist you in your aspirations. There are ways you can maintain your enthusiasm, motivation and momentum. Every day, you need some stimulation that will keep you on course. Here are 5 tips to fuel your drive and keep you stimulated to stay on course to your vision.

How Simple Actions Improve Your Attitude (559 words) - When you're in a bad mood, you don't have to wait for it to pass. You can make yourself happier with some small, deliberate actions. Not only can you impact your attitude, but you can uplift others by simply having a positive outlook. These 5 simple tips can empower you to shift your attitude and improve your wellbeing.

Succeed from the Inside Out (486 words) - People fail to achieve their goals for a variety of reasons. Mainly, the failure occurs due to a problem with your motivation. Many think that external rewards are what will drive them towards success. But oddly enough, your inner motivation is more likely to keep you on course to your goal. Learn what you need to inspire you to accomplish your goals and aspirations.

How to Become More Positive When Things Go Wrong (586 words) - Have you had a day where everything went wrong? It's hard to find a way to be upbeat when that happens. You know that if you can be more positive, you have better results. But it's hard to dig yourself out of that hole. However, when you can remember times when things did go well, or when you felt good, you're able to improve your outlook. Find out how you can turn things around using a time-tested strategy you can practice each day.

Live in Expectancy of the Best (702 words) - If you expect the worst, you prepare for it and tie up your energies to brace against it. However, when you expect the best, you act more positively and productively. There are times, though, when life doesn't provide you the results you want. Here are 4 ways to shift your attitude and create the best result for yourself no matter what.

For Success, Seek Well-being First (645 words) - Many people chase after the elusive dream of success, thinking it will bring them happiness. But what if a sense of well-being leads to success, rather than the other way around? Studies show that people who have a sense of well-being and optimism have a likelier chance of achieving the success they seek. Discover why well-being matters and 4 ways to cultivate it so you can be more successful.

Lessons from Resisting Change (707 words) - Resistance to change is normal and natural. You can learn a lot from how you resist. When you recognize your pattern, you can then make better choices that allow you to achieve your desires. Learn about 3 ways you resist, and how to turn them to your advantage.

When Life Gives You Lemons… (638 words) - Life is always changing, but sometimes there are massive changes that happen quickly. Then, it's hard to find balance and keep a positive mindset. But your mindset is important, because the quality of your mindset determines the quality of your life. Here are some ideas to help you keep the changes in perspective.

What Motivates You? (786 words) - Do you procrastinate unpleasant tasks or do them as quickly as you can? What you do is dependent on whether you're motivated to avoid pain or anticipate pleasure. One of these is fine to initiate change, but poor at keeping you on course for the long term. Discover how you can use both parts of this principle for your benefit and ultimate success with 4 easy steps.

How to Train Yourself to be More Positive (596 words) - Your mind was programmed in the past without your knowledge. That programming functions automatically, until you become aware of it and change it. You have the power and choice of what to think and believe, so that your results improve. Use these 4 steps to master your mind and condition it to be more positive in all situations.

Expand Beyond Your Comfort Zone (1036 words) - How and why we get into ruts, and stay with the familiar, even when we desire a better life.

Rewrite Your Unconscious Resolutions (459 words) - Many people write resolutions each January, but what about the unconscious resolutions we've created for ourselves? Discover what those rules are, where they came from, and how they've affected you. By becoming aware of the outdated laws you live your life by, you can empower yourself to rewrite them to be more positive.

The 1% Mindset Boost (544 words) - Researchers say that most of our thoughts are negative or counterproductive. If you could increase your positive and constructive thoughts by just 1%, you'd notice an improvement in your life. Here are 3 tips on how to create that 1% boost.

What Are You Holding Onto That's Holding You Back? (627 words) - Sometimes we hang onto ideas that keep us from moving forward and experiencing our dreams. We may not even be aware what we're doing, but it still blocks us. Learn 5 things to do if you're stuck in place.

Gratitude: The Key To Cultivating A Positive Attitude (764 words) - One of the best ways to improve your life is to deliberately find things to be grateful for. Studies have shown that a sense of gratitude has many benefits, including improving your outlook. Discover 7 life-changing reasons to keep a gratitude journal.

Change Your Labels And Change Your Life (715 words) - When you label yourself in a negative way, you begin to live according to the expectations it creates. Those labels tend to become habits and restrict your actions. Learn how to change your labels and open up to the possibility of growth and expansion.

Do You Passively Assume or Actively Believe? (712 words) - Most people float aimlessly through life, assuming that things will get better. This type of belief isn't very effective to improve the course of your life. Discover how to empower your belief so that it gives you the results you want.

Overcome The Falsehood Of Fear (709 words) - Fear can be paralyzing and hold you back from achieving your dreams. Most of what you fear is a lie. Learn how fear has held you back and how you can commit yourself to your vision.

Success Begins With Your Mindset (762 words) - You have the inborn ability to succeed at whatever you choose. But if you don't believe your goal is possible, you're likely to fail at it. You're fighting a battle with yourself. Learn three ways to condition your mind for success and a positive attitude about your goal.

Filling the Well of Your Mind (709 words) - To be able to keep your spirits up and move towards your goals, you need to stay motivated. The same holds true for optimism. Unfortunately, enthusiasm runs out of steam if it's not refreshed. Learn 5 ways to keep yourself inspired.

Choose Your Thoughts and Focus On What You Want (635 words) - You have the choice of what to think in any situation. What you focus on determines how you feel and what you do. Are you focusing on constructive or disempowering ideas? Learn how what you pay attention to can either sabotage you or help you succeed.

Believe You Can and You're Right (706 words) - The attitude that you have when you set a goal greatly determines your results. If you don't believe you can accomplish it, you'll struggle and have a difficult time succeeding. Learn how your attitude affects your outcome and what to do to achieve your intention.

Money Beliefs That Sabotage You (825 words) - Money is one of the most misunderstood tools that we have. We have distorted beliefs about it that come from our childhood and what we've accepted from others. Learn how those attitudes restrict how much prosperity we can accept and why it's important to change them.

Mindset, the First Step to Success (758 words) - Before you can take effective action to fulfill a vision, you need to have the proper mindset. Without the right mindset, your efforts will fall flat. Your mindset is your motivation to move forward and your action is the result. Learn about 5 beliefs that interfere with your mindset and how to shift them.

Is Fear Ruling Your Life? (622 words) - Without realizing it, many people borrow trouble. They are afraid that situations will happen that never do. This negatively affects their health, career and relationships. Learn how fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and how to turn it around so it doesn’t.

Inspire Yourself to Take Action (678 words)- Do you wait to take action until you feel inspired? Inspiration could take a long time coming, and in the meantime you're postponing your life and your success. Learn some ways to create that inspiration and get motivated to accomplish the goals you want to achieve.

You Can Choose Your Beliefs (744 words) - What beliefs have you accepted that have shaped your life? Are they positive or negative beliefs? Your beliefs cause you to interpret events and then act according to your perception, which may not be correct. But your beliefs aren't carved in stone. Learn how you have the power to change them.

Take Charge of Your Life by Living with Intention (750 words) - Most people live on autopilot, thinking and behaving the same day after day. Then they wonder why their lives don't change. The only way to improve your life is to be proactive and change the way you think and act. By changing how you respond to situations, you create new opportunities, results and outcomes. Learn how to live more intentionally and take control of your destiny.

Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone (697 words) - If you're afraid to reach for your dream, you'll never accomplish it. When you remain in your comfort zone, your world becomes smaller and more restrictive. Only by straying out of that familiar area can you attain new heights. Learn how your attitude and your choices help build the ability to step into a greater world.

Are Your Motives Clear? (817 words) - Many times, your motives are at cross purposes with what you actually want. They're generally unconscious, and you aren't aware of them. And because of that, they sabotage your goals, dreams and aspirations. Discover 4 steps to aligning your motives with your actions and achieve the success you desire.

Achieve Success through Self-Trust (661 words) - Trusting yourself is one of the most important ingredients in achieving success. When you trust yourself, you also have higher self-respect and self-esteem. And other people are more likely to trust you. But trust doesn't just happen. It must be built. Here are 4 ways you can begin to grow your trust in yourself and experience all the benefits that brings.

What Are Your Excuses Telling You? (660 words) - We all make excuses from time to time. The problem comes when they become chronic. But they have messages for you. Why are you making them? What's the purpose for them? Once you discover the answer to that, you can start to dismantle them. Learn 3 of the reasons you make excuses and ways you can address them so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Expand Your Vision of Abundance (725 words) - Most have an attitude of lack and scarcity when they consider abundance. They're stuck in a comfort zone that limits it and don't believe there's enough for them. As a result, they don't take actions to expand out of that comfort zone. And they let opportunities pass them by. But there are possibilities of abundance all around you. You just need to expand your vision of them. Here are 4 tips to help you begin to shift from an attitude of lack to a mindset of abundance.

Don't Let Fear Sabotage Your Success (683 words) - Are you afraid of success? Many people are and don't realize it. Success brings change and that can be threatening. Becoming aware of this fear is the first step. The second is to identify the specific fear that's holding you back. Here are 7 basic reasons you could fear success, and ways to reframe them, so they no longer control you.

Personal Development

Why Kindness Matters (385 words) - Kindness is a natural response that benefits you, the person you help, and the world at large. Giving from the heart improves your mood, health and uplifts those who witness your act. Learn about the specific ways that doing a good deed rewards you and helps you change the world.

Seek Persistence, Not Perfection (546 words) - Perfection is an overrated concept and impossible to achieve. It erodes your sense of wellbeing and creates anxiety. The power of persistence can help you move forward in any area of your life. Learn why embracing persistence is so much more productive and constructive than the illusion of perfection.

4 Ways to Overcome Procrastination (686 words) - Procrastination is a major cause of stress and anxiety, reduces your productivity and effectiveness, and prevents you from achieving your goals. Most of us procrastinate to some degree, but it's a destructive habit. Discover some of the reasons you might procrastinate and learn 4 tactics you can use to overcome this pernicious pattern.

What Do You Stand For? (299 words) - Your values announce who you are to the world. They show other people what you consider to be important. However, not all values are positive. When you have a negative value, it can be changed to something positive. When you live by your values, you attract like-minded people. In business and life, your values become your brand.

How You Improve Your Life by Being Mindful (739 words) - Most people act out of habit and go through their life on autopilot. Unfortunately, this doesn't bring you the positive results you want. Practicing mindfulness allows you to be more present and intentional in your life, and discover better outcomes. Learn 4 ways to practice being mindful so you experience the numerous benefits it brings.

The Kindness Paradox: Give Kindness and Receive Joy (603 words) - How do you feel when someone is kind to you or when you're kind to someone? Don't you feel warm and uplifted? Kindness is a gift for the one receiving, and the one giving. The blessing flows both ways. Learn some of the benefits of kindness as well as how to be kind in difficult situations.

How to Detect an Inauthentic Person (735 words) - I'm sure you've encountered an inauthentic person. It's someone who lies about who they are, to you and possibly to themselves, as well. Avoid them if you don't want heartache in your life. Learn some of the behaviors of an inauthentic person so that you can recognize them and keep your distance and peace of mind.

Are You Resisting Your Vision? (629 words) - Do you find yourself resisting taking action towards a vision, dream or goal? There are reasons for this frustrating self-sabotage, and they're based on past ideas. Once you discover what the purpose is to undermine you, you can deal with it. Discover 3 major reasons you resist moving forward, and ways to resolve them.

Assumptions Don't Serve You (724 words) - People make assumptions all the time, but they don't help you. Instead, they harm your mood, communication, relationships, and opportunities. Most assumptions are false, but you don't check their validity. Here are somre reasons why you make assumptions, and how you can get out of the habit of making them.

Cleanse Your Mind Of Resentment (720 words) - Resentment is one of the biggest obstacles to success and a happy life. This destructive emotion poisons your outlook and your health. There are 3 different types of resentment, and 4 main consequences to holding onto grievances. Learn some surprising concepts about letting go of resentment.

5 Keys To Forgiveness (926 words) - Forgiveness is a powerful process that cleanses the mind and heart of hurt and anger. However, it needs to be approached with reflection and deliberation. Otherwise, you may not fully heal the issue. Learn 5 key steps that will help you heal the wound and let go of the hurt.

Reclaim Your Power From Anger (718 words) - Anger lets you know when some right has been violated, and can be used for constructive change. But when anger lasts and twists into hostility, it reduces your ability to function and affects your health. Learn how to recover your power and take back control so you can move forward.

Commit To A Path (859 words) - Some people avoid saying declining a request to participate, or don't communicate their true decision for fear of offending. But giving confusing messages is harder on the recipient. It also adversely affects the one not committing to a path. Learn why clear messages benefit you and supports your dreams.

What Is Your Purpose In Life? (619 words) - So many people seek their purpose in life. They ask themselves, "What am I supposed to be doing?" or "Why am I here?" They believe their purpose must be a job, work or calling that gives them joy, and their life meaning and fulfillment. But they're looking for their purpose in the wrong place. Learn why your purpose may not be a vocation, but is more internally based.

Complaining: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly (791 words) - Complaining has a long human history, and has gotten a bad reputation. But there are some benefits to strategically complaining. However, when griping descends into a chronic and habitual offense, it becomes destructive. Learn the positive uses of complaining, and how to recognize when it becomes negative.

Habits Become Your Destiny (899 words) - Over 90% of your thoughts, beliefs and actions are ruled by habits. Some habits are beneficial, and some undermine you. Their effects are cumulative and may not show up until you're older. But they all shape your future. Learn how to make choices that lead to habits that will support the outcomes you want.

Break Free from the Prison of Conformity (647 words) - Most people crave acceptance and approval of those around them, at the expense of their dreams and potential. There are benefits for conforming, but the consequences keep you from becoming the person you were meant to be. Learn why breaking free of complying with others expectations allows you to thrive.


Accept Your Introvert or Extrovert Temperament (560 words) - Most people don't understand the differences between introverts and extroverts. They think that introvert primarily means being being shy, and that's a misconception. There are specific traits that define introverts and extroverts that create your temperament. Learn what some of those characteristics are, and why you should accept yourself.

Uphold Your Boundaries for Greater Self-Worth (725 words) - Being able to maintain boundaries is imperative to preserve and protect your rights and values, personally and professionally. Boundaries prevent you being taken advantage either deliberately or thoughtlessly. Supporting these valuable limits increases your self-worth and causes others to respect you more. Learn what healthy boundaries are and how to effectively establish them.

The Importance of Self-Acceptance (748 words) - Do you accept or reject yourself? Whichever it is, other people follow your lead and your attitude influences their perception of you. Not only does accepting yourself open the door to self-esteem and self-confidence, it leads to success. Learn the benefits to self-acceptance and the importance of it for your happiness, personally and professionally.

4 Steps to Create a New Self-Image (660 words) - Your self-image can either support or sabotage your success. If you attempt to make a change that conflicts with the way you perceive yourself, you'll be unsuccessful. However, your self-image is malleable, and can be altered to align with your goals and vision. You can become the person you want to be. Use these 4 steps to improve your self-image and create the life you want.

How to Demonstrate Self-Love (667 words) - Many people think that loving themselves means that they indulge in immediate gratification. The opposite is actually true. When you care about yourself, you pay attention to your health and well being. This may mean difficult choices. But it also means to treat yourself kindly. Learn how to demonstrate your love of yourself and what happens when you do.

Be Kind to Yourself for More Success (547 words) - Your relationship with yourself is the most important one in your life. Not only does it influence your association with others, it affects your success. When you're kinder and more compassionate with yourself, it improves every area of your life. To improve your relationship with yourself, practice these 3 tips and change the way you treat yourself.

5 Steps to Create a Greater Self-Image (704 words) - Your self-image isn't set. It changes every day with your decisions and actions. This is a process you can control, as you create a vision for your best self. You can then strive to bring that ideal into reality. Here are 5 steps to help you become the better person you want to be, and who can achieve your goals and vision.

Be Who You Were Meant To Be (1049 words) - When you have low self-esteem, there are usually reasons why. Before you can improve your self-worth, you have to address the purpose behind the problem. Learn 6 reasons that keep you from being the authentic person you were meant to be.

Reclaim Your Authenticity (878 words) - Was your natural self-expression shut down when you were younger? If so, you probably feel anxiety, unworthy, and inadequate because the grown-ups in your life rejected you. Here are 4 things you can do to reclaim your authenticity and reconnect with your true self.

Take a Risk and Claim Your Authenticity (773 words) - Most people keep themselves in a comfort zone, where they feel safe and secure. But in doing so, they limit their self-expression and deny themselves the opportunity to grow. Learn how risking and trying something new can allow you to grow and reveal more of your authentic self.

Let The Real You Shine Through (696 words) - Many people try to hide their light to avoid others' resentment. But that strategy doesn't help, either the one using it or the one they're trying to appease. The best thing you can do is to be yourself. It grows your self-esteem, self-respect, and gives you greater access to your resources and creativity.

Be True To Yourself (680 words) - Values are beliefs that you've chosen that are important to you. They motivate your decisions and actions. When you live according to them, it builds your self-respect and self-esteem. Learn how living according to your standards helps you to be true to your deepest self.

Your Life Belongs to You (764 words) - Do you have someone in your life who tries to control you and your choices? They may think they know what's best for you, but they're not you and they haven't had your experiences. You have a right to live your life your way. Discover some mindset shifts that can improve your relationship to yourself and others.

3 Steps to Improving Your Self-Image (789 words) - Self-esteem is basic to all success in personal and professional life. However, self-image works hand-in-hand with your self-esteem. Having a strong self-image means you'll take steps that support yourself in every way. Learn 3 steps to take that will build your self-image so that you can achieve your dream.

3 Reasons to Acknowledge and Appreciate Yourself (600 words) - Most of us tend to be self-critical and hide our accomplishments. Unfortunately, this just discourages you and undermines your progress. When you're able to acknowledge yourself, then a whole world of possibilites opens up. And until you appreciate yourself, it's hard to know just how much you've accomplished. Learn not only what it means to acknowledge yourself, but the reasons why you want to follow this empowering practice.

Stress Reduction

How to Take Back Control When Stress Overwhelms You (382 words) - Life can suddenly speed up and you have a cluster of challenging events to deal with. This leads to a sense of stress, overwhelm and instability. To get back into balance, you have to take back control and make decisions from a better mindset. Here are three things to do, and not do, to find equilibrium once again.

4 Ways to Manage Your Stress (615 words) - Stressful situations can overwhelm you if you don't address it. Reacting to the threat can cause you to make bad decisions and drain your mental and physical energy. When you're able to feel in control, you have access to more creativity and resources. Here are 4 ways you can take back control and create the life you want.

Stop Multitasking To Reduce Stress (753 words) - Multi-tasking and our fast-paced lives promote stress. When we're stressed, we can't think straight because our minds are laboring to deal with crises. Learn how being mindful can remedy this problem and allow us to access more resources and creativity.

Is Your Stress a Habit? (727 words) - Our lives are filled with distractions and things that keep us busy. Much of that stress is caused by our own choices and can become a habit. Learn some of the reasons why we might become addicted to stress, and 5 steps to breaking the habit.

Break the Stress Cycle of Multitasking (636 words) - Multitasking creates stress, and keeps you from progressing in your life and your career. Unless you can break the detrimental habit of multitasking, you'll just keep using energy going nowhere. Learn the true damage multitasking causes, and how you can break this insidious cycle.

Don't Let Stress Control Your Life (888 words) - Most people are swamped in stress, and don't realize what it does to them. Not only are there physical consequences, but it keeps you from being able to think clearly. So you simply react the way you always have. That means you can't make changes or improve your life. Learn some surprising ways stress affects you and 4 simple techniques you can use to reduce it so you take back control of your life.

Conquer the Distress of Overwhelm (841 words) - In today's world, we all struggle with too much to do and feeling overwhelmed. It creates stress, which reduces our peace, effectiveness and ability to function. There are some definite steps to take to reduce this common problem. Discover 6 specific ways you can conquer the distress of overwhelm, and live a happier, more peaceful life.

How Your Beliefs About Stress Affect It (833 words) - We all know the damage that stress causes us, mentally and physically. But were you aware that there is a beneficial side of stress? Not only that, your beliefs about stress can cause it to either negatively impact you or protect your from its dangers. Learn how shifting your attitude towards stress can actually change the way it affects you.

The Hurrier You Go, The Behinder You Get (572 words) - When you're trying to hurry, it seems that life conspires to delay you. Trying to save time, you actually make yourself later. The same is true when you rush headlong into a situation. When you're rushed, you feel stressed and can't think straight. Here are ideas of what to do so you're able to be more calm and intentional.


Welcome the Opportunity of Change (569 words) - It's natural to resist change. But, unfortunately, resisting just makes it harder to adjust when change forces itself into your life. Life is all about change. Learn why it's so important to pay attention to the signals that life gives you and the benefits of preparing for the changes ahead.

Simple Steps to Positive Change (572 words) - If you've ever wanted to make an improvement in your life, but found yourself hesitating, you're holding yourself back for some reason. It's natural to be reluctant to change. But if you really want to achieve a goal, you have to take steps to accomplish it. Learn 3 ways you may be using to avoid changing, and what to do to break through to your goal.

How to Cope with the Inevitability of Change (503 words) - The world is always changing, sometimes slowly and sometimes suddenly. It's normal to feel unmoored and uncertain when it happens. But you can find a way to thrive during troubling times. Here are 4 ways to help you handle the uncertainty and upheaval of change.

How to Adjust to Change (519 words) - Whenever there's a change, whether good or bad, you mourn over what's gone. Grief isn't just limited to the death of a loved one. However, when you seek meaning in life's challenges, you reclaim your power and are able to move forward. Learn what happens when life shifts drastically, the stages you go through, and how to find meaning for you in the change.

Myth-Conceptions About Hypnosis (2210 words) - There are so many myths about what hypnosis is. Hypnosis actually de-hypnotises people from erroneous concepts. Learn what hypnosis actually is and how it works.

Let The Past Be The Past, And Create A New Future (650 words) - The financial disclosure statement, "Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results," could also refer to your life. Your past does not need to foreshadow your future if you're able to let go of old ideas. Learn 5 tips on how to make the changes to move forward into a brighter tomorrow.

Make The Effort To Change (615 words) - When you want to make a change in your life, you have to make an effort towards it. Unfortunately, if you don't, inertia takes over and you either stall or keep heading in the direction you were going. You have the power to change your life if you choose to use it.

The Winding Path Of Change (731 words) - Change rarely tracks in a straight line. Generally, you take two steps forward and one back. Learn how this process can benefit you and contribute to your success.

What Habits Are You Cultivating? (716 words) - Like everyone, you have habits that make your life run smoother. These habits either further your success or sabotage it. Learn 4 tips to help you create new habits that will support your goals and ensure your success.

Lessons from a Forest Fire: Focus on the Miracles (654 words) - Many people look at disasters from one perspective, that they're negative and nothing good can come from them. But having this attitude shuts down the possibility of deriving something beneficial from the ashes. Learn how you can draw positive lessons from even a life-changing event.

Are You Committed to Change? (694 words) - There's a difference between wanting a change in your life and being willing to do what's necessary for that desired outcome. Many people want circumstances to improve without making any changes in themselves. Learn the 3 issues you'll have to deal with when you seek to bring change about it your life.

2 Steps Forward, 1 Back… Master the Dance of Change (766 words) - When you pursue a dream, vision or make a change, you expect that things will flow smoothly. And when they don't, which is normal, you feel upset or angry at the setback. Unfortunately, these negative emotions can block your movement forward. Instead of getting upset, use the opportunities the obstruction brings you. It could be a gift for you. Learn 6 positive reasons for this problem, what you can learn from them, and how you can use them to move forward.

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