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Imagine Your Best Day

Have you dreaded facing a day? And many times it lived up to your expectations?

You brace yourself to waste time on the phone in "menu merry-go-round" and "on hold hell." Even if the wait is shorter than expected, you're on edge and as a result the call doesn't go well.

Or you have a list of "to do" items that isn't possible to complete in one day. You feel overwhelmed and beaten before you begin, and only get a few chores done because of your attitude.

Your beliefs create what you experience. You may not completely control the conditions, but your response affects the outcome. You have an upper limit for how well you anticipate life will unfold. If it flows better than expected, then it's human nature to sabotage it so it fits your mental model.

Lottery winners generally end up in the same income bracket where they began within a short time. They haven't been able to change their self-image enough or learn the skills necessary to sustain their new-found wealth, and they squander it away.

When life begins to flow smoothly, and everything goes your way, it could contradict your view of yourself and your world. Some people believe the world is against them. Their predominant attitude is, "Anything that can go wrong will." And they are proven right. When you expect life to be difficult, you view everything through that filter. Even if something nice happens, you dismiss it as an aberration.

Are you willing to shift your attitude to accept something better into your life? Most people would immediately say, "Absolutely," but something would hold them back from making necessary changes. They think they're ready for life to improve, but they're tied to the status quo.

There will always be times when you have setbacks, difficulties and things don't go as smoothly as you hope. But you don't have to brace for struggle all the time. When you're used to always putting out fires, everything looks like a flame. And you're always on the lookout for them. You've been sensitized to consider any challenge an emergency.

Instead of being reactive and resistant, start becoming proactive and imagine a better result. At night, take a few minutes and imagine how your best day could unfold. Don't be too specific, but notice how you'd feel if everything went as well as it could. Imagine responding to situations from a calmer and more resourceful position.

If you have definite goals and tasks for the next day, imagine them completed easily and successfully. Mentally rehearse being positive on phone calls and uplifted at the end of them. Visualize a project successfully completed.

Your subconscious is the creative part of you. It formulates how to get things done. By setting your intention the night before, your subconscious starts to work on how to fulfill your directions. Your subconscious will also seek opportunities in your environment that can advance your interests. Imagining your day going well positions you to enter your day more positive and empowered, which brings you improved outcomes.

Not only will your day proceed more smoothly, but you'll be raising the ceiling of how much good you can accept overall. The benefits extend far beyond your work. You'll find your personal life being happier, and your self-image improved.

By using your imagination to build the day you want, you're making changes in your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Instead of just being passive and hoping that things will improve, you're making a shift at your core and expanding your acceptance of good.

Start visualizing that life is for you and everything works out for the best. This builds a belief and expectation that life is on your side, which affects your actions and your results in a positive way. Isn't it time to experience better outcomes?

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