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Let The Past Be The Past,
And Create A New Future

Linda-Ann Stewart

I'm sure that somewhere you've read a financial disclosure statement which says, "Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results." It's used by financial institutions, for investment products, etc. The statement makes sure that investors don't assume their money is going to increase tomorrow as it has in the past. Also, this disclosure protects the financial institution if the investor loses money.

The same statement could be said about your life. Your past performance doesn’t necessarily indicate how your future is going to be. If a basketball player doesn't practice, and suddenly plays a game, they'll probably miss more baskets than they're used to. Their skill has gotten rusty. A realtor who used to successfully close sales quickly may experience a longer time frame between writing contracts due to the economy.

On the other hand, if you've had trouble being successful, your past doesn't have to foreshadow your future. You don't have to be tied to what you've already experienced. All it takes is a different decision and a change of belief. Your new attitude will create better opportunities. Here are some tips on how to cut old ties, and start a new tomorrow.

1. Let go of the past. Discard negative associations and reminders that might drag you down. They've served their purpose and aren't of value anymore. They belong to old decisions and experiences that you've already learned from. Take what you've learned that's constructive and let the rest go.

2. Be open to change. You may have to let go of ideas, beliefs or situations that you value if you want to have a different future. Being a couch potato isn't compatible with a goal of hiking in the Grand Canyon. You'd have to reduce your television viewing and commit to walking and training for that objective. Old attitudes and behaviors may not be able to exist in the same space as your goal. Something has to give. Ask yourself, "How badly do I want a brighter future?"

3. Create new thought habits. Your past was created by thoughts that you had when you were younger. They built up, like building blocks, one on top of another, until they formed a habitual way of thinking and acting. If you attend to your thoughts in the present, you will create a different future. Simply change the way you think and create new positive habits. Each moment is a new beginning that brings you this opportunity.

4. Focus on what you want. When you keep looking backwards, you go in the direction of your vision. It pulls at you, and you can't imagine anything different. You'll keep recreating it. Instead of focusing on what's already happened, concentrate on what you want to create. Even if you don't know how your goal could come about, place your attention on moving towards it. As you fill your vision with what you want, take action toward it and synchronicities will begin to happen.

5. Don't limit how your desire could become real. It's all too human to try to figure out how things could happen, but your only reference is your past. By using that as your guide, you risk muddying the waters of your subconscious mind and restricting what it can do. Your subconscious can draw on many more resources than your conscious mind can even contemplate. So let your inner mind do its job, which is to figure out how to create the reality you want. So remind yourself, "I don't know how it can happen, my subconscious knows how."

Your past performance does not need to foretell your future. Life is in a constant state of flux. The past is over, the future is yet to be. In each present moment, you can make a new decision that steers you in a different direction. Take the lessons of the past and use them to build a better life.

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