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Essential Secrets to Supercharge Your Business

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When a business person is stuck, the reaction is to do more of what they've been doing to get unstuck. But by spinning their wheels, it only digs a deeper hole. They're either working on things that aren't working, are scattered or spreading themselves too thin. Unfortunately, they've lost their focus and their business is running them. To get back in charge, they need to take a step back and get a clear idea of the direction of their business.

The only way to get unstuck and be successful is to develop clarity, a vision, and the mindset to support it all. This is especially true of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Presented by Linda-Ann Stewart, vision strategist

In the Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Essential Secrets to Supercharge Your Business FREE teleseminar, Linda-Ann Stewart uses her experience as a hypnotherapist to explain how important each of these elements is to have a successful life and business and how missing them will cause you to fail.

Is this is for YOU?

This FREE teleseminar is for you if:

  • You've ever found yourself spinning your wheels
  • Doing more and accomplishing less
  • The harder you work, the more stuck you get
  • You just keep doing the same things over and over, and get the same disappointing result
  • You keep sabotaging yourself

Results focus

In the Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Essential Secrets to Supercharge Your Business FREE teleseminar, you'll learn how a lack of clarity, mindset or vision can negatively affect all aspects of your life. Through exercises, you'll identify what's been holding you back and learn how to overcome problems, so you can accelerate toward success.

You'll discover:

  • Causes of confusion
  • 7 tips to gaining clarity
  • How your mindset forms
  • 4 tips on cultivating the right mindset
  • Why just having goals doesn't bring success
  • 4 tips on creating and using a vision
  • Proven ways to stay on track and supercharge your business

If you're ready for some clarity, to focus and start creating your dreams, register for the Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Essential Secrets to Supercharge Your Business .

Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Essential Secrets to Supercharge Your Business FREE teleseminar

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Linda-Ann StewartAbout Linda-Ann Stewart:

As a speaker, vision coach, hypnotherapist and writer, Linda-Ann empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners to align their hearts with their vision so they take charge of building their business more easily and quickly.

By helping clients design their vision, create their plan, and develop an empowered mindset, they develop strategies that create success. Her clients stay on track, reduce their stress and move rapidly to the next level of success.

She opened her private hypnotherapy practice in 1990, a few years after moving to Sedona, Arizona. Over the years, she's helped hundreds of people to reduce stress, raise their self-esteem, break negative habits, achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Based on decades of experience in helping clients, she's an authority on how you can be hypnotized by your mindset to either sabotage yourself or achieve your goals. Studies show that mindset is more important for success than knowledge, education, or actions.

Over 250 of her articles on mindset, motivation and empowerment have been published in magazines, newsletters and online. She specializes in creating a vision, focusing on what you want, positively changing your mindset, autosuggestion, affirmations and self-talk.

She's spoken at many venues in the Southwest, including: associations, organizations, schools, and industry conferences. She's given presentations and workshops at annual hypnotherapy symposiums, and won the "Member of the Year" award in 1999 from the National Board of Hypnotherapy and Anaesthesiology (NBHA).

As a professional member of the National Speaker's Association (NSA), she served on the Board of the Arizona Chapter of NSA for two years. In 2013, NSA-Arizona honored her with their "Member of the Year" award.

On a personal level, she and her husband love to hike in Northern Arizona, near where they live. They also attend their state's Renaissance Festival in costume every year.

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