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Dear Spiritual Seeker,

My name is Linda-Ann Stewart and I've been a hypnotherapist since 1990. In that time, I've worked with hundreds of people to help them improve their lives. Many times, they've come to me as a last chance, and we've been able to turn their lives around.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to make positive changes in your life.

By changing habitual behavior and ways of thinking, by finding new ways to think about yourself and situations, you can change the course of your life. You're making the changes at the level of mind where the original ideas are stored.

De-Mythtifying Hypnosis

Many people have gotten their opinion of hypnosis from movies, books, television programs or stage hypnotists. Unfortunately, those depictions of hypnosis aren’t realistic, they’re simply fictional or show business. Here are a few of the common misconceptions and the facts about hypnosis.

MYTH: Hypnotism is of the occult or supernatural.
FACT: Hypnotism is a normal, natural state that we experience several times every day. In this state, we strengthen or change everyday mental or physical habits.

MYTH: The hypnotist’s will “dominates” that of the subject.
FACT: The hypnotist is a guide, helping the subject to release and express his/her own natural powers and abilities. The subject must want the goal, for hypnosis to be successful.

MYTH: The hypnotist has complete control of the subject’s mind and body.
FACT: Hypnosis cannot make a person say or do anything contrary to his/her deeply held principles. Any suggestion that violates the subject’s morals or beliefs will be rejected.

MYTH: A person can be hypnotized against his/her will.
FACT: All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. By following the hypnotist’s instructions, the subject hypnotizes him/herself.

MYTH: Hypnosis is a state of deep, unconscious trance.
FACT: 80% to 90% of the population do not experience the “deep trance” associated with hypnosis. Most people feel relaxed, and are fully aware of what is being said or done. When aroused, they will remember every detail, and many even deny being hypnotized.

MYTH: Only some people can be hypnotized.
FACT: The best subjects are those with a strong will and above average intelligence. Imagination, a faculty stronger than the will, and concentration are the most important traits for hypnosis to occur.

MYTH: Orthodox medicine condemns hypnosis.
FACT: The American, Canadian, and British medical and dental associations accept the therapeutic value of hypnosis.

MYTH: Hypnosis is dangerous.
FACT: If misused, anything is life is dangerous. Hypnosis is a normal awareness that we’ve used to create the very problems that we wish to change.

Hypnosis Is Not A Magic Wand.

It simply uses your inherent motivation and imagination to build a new future for you. Hypnosis helps access your dormant inner strengths and powers to achieve what you want in your life. For more information on hypnosis, please read my articles Myth-Conceptions About Hypnosis, parts 1 through 3.

Many People Ask, "Which is right for me, affirmations or self-hypnosis?"

If you can set aside twenty or so minutes a day, even if it's right before you go to bed, then the hypnosis tapes are right for you. However, if you cannot find that time, then the affirmation tapes would be your best choice. The affirmation tapes were designed to be used while you're doing other activities. The hypnosis tapes should only be listened to when you can close your eyes and be quiet.

People Wonder, "What's the difference between affirmations and hypnotic suggestions?"

Affirmations and suggestions are essentially the same thing. Only the terminology is different. Affirmations are simply auto-suggestions, which are suggestions that you give yourself. Both suggestions and affirmations are statements that are designed to change old mental ideas in your subconscious mind. Generally, affirmations are used while you are awake and alert, and during other activities. But they can also be used in meditation to help to elevate your consciousness. In that case, they then become a suggestion. A suggestion is a statement designed to change a belief, attitude, habit, or effect a change on the body. Both re-program your mind to release old thought patterns and condition it with the new ones that you choose.

There Is A Power for Good In The Universe That Wants The Best For You.

I've created these audiotapes and CD's based on my decades of experience as a hypnotherapist and as a spiritual explorer. They have been developed with the spiritual perspective that this site is based on.

You Have The Power Of The Universe Within You

You can use this Universal Power to make any improvements in your life that you want. All that you desire is already waiting in potential for you. All you need to do is expand your consciousness to accept it. These audiotapes and CD's are a powerful tool to create the transformation that you want in your life.

Are You Ready?

Each side of the audiotape, or track on the CD, is about twenty minutes long. The induction of self-hypnosis is a cleansing relaxation, releasing negativity into Mother Earth. This is based on meditative imagery I've used for over a decade, and is powerful all by itself.
Side A (Track 1) addresses the subject of the tape.
Side B (Track 2) teaches self-hypnosis, faith, trust in the subconscious, and allows space to insert any goal that you have.

The CD's are made for more recent compact disk players that can play CD-R's.

These tapes and CD's are designed to listen to in a safe environment. Do not listen to them in the car. Since they include relaxation, listening to them in a moving vehicle is very dangerous.

These tapes and CD's should not take the place of qualified medical or mental help. They are designed to complement such guidance. Please contact a qualified medical or mental practitioner for expert advice.

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Spiritual Self-Esteem
A healthy self-esteem is the cornerstone of any improvement in your life. Using imagery, this self-hypnosis helps you erase old beliefs about yourself and imprint new ones into your subconscious mind. It helps you to accept that you are important to the Universe.

"Spiritual Self-Esteem" CD - $19.97

Identify With Abundance
We tend to become what we identify with. "Identify With Abundance" establishes prosperity as a function of your consciousness. It expands your thinking to accept more of the Universe in the form of abundance.

"Identify With Abundance" CD - $19.97

Divine Health
Every cell in your body has a Divine blueprint of health in it. Only your thought patterns can block your perfect health from expressing. This tape or CD recognizes that God's thoughts about your body are of health.

"Divine Health" CD - $19.97

Mastering Stress Through Self-Hypnosis
This is a mainstream self-hypnosis tape or CD to help reduce stress. Each side includes relaxation and counting down to deepen the hypnotic state.
Side A (Track 1) - "Your Calming Signal" leads you into a special, calming place and gives a posthypnotic signal to calm you at all times.
Side B (Track 2) - "Responding Calmly" helps you to program new, calmer responses for when you might feel stressed or pressured.

"Mastering Stress Through Self-Hypnosis" CD - $19.97

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