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What Intentions Are You Signaling?

One day while I was driving, I had to make a turn into the Post Office. I clicked on my turn signal, and checked in my rear view mirror. I wanted to make sure the car behind me saw my signal and was slowing down. I realized what I'd just done was a great metaphor for life. I was signaling my intention to the car behind me, just like we indicate our intentions in life. The car responded to my signal accordingly and I safely made the turn.

However, if I'd signaled with my left turn indicator, and then actually went to the right, it would have confused the car behind me. This could have caused an accident. And that's sometimes what happens in your life when you don't follow through on what you're signaling to yourself and others.

What intentions are you signaling in your life? As a leader, are you micro-managing and not allowing your team to succeed? Or are you changing your mind about what you want and confusing them? If you're not giving your team clear messages about your objectives and letting them carry out the project, then you're giving them conflicting information. When you delegate to them, the underlying idea is that you think they're capable. But when you hover over them, they'll conclude that you don't trust them. You won't get good results by displaying opposing signals.

Are you giving unclear signals in your relationships? Do you stand up for yourself one day, then let people take advantage of you the next? If so, then you'll never have people treat you with courtesy and respect. They need clear, consistent boundaries to know what they can get away with and what they can't. Otherwise they'll act according to the old saying, "Give them an inch and they'll take a mile."

Do you want to have a deeper connection with a special someone, but step back when you start to get closer? Eventually, your loved one is going to get tired of no clear direction and will move on to someone who gives them steady and accurate information.

To accomplish what you want in your life, you have to be clear on what your goal is. Your subconscious mind can only reason with the information that comes through your conscious mind. So if you're signaling to go left, then to go right, then left again, it's going to get confused. Instead of trying to figure out what you really want, it's simply going to continue on the path that it's always taken.

In your personal life, are you working towards a goal, but not following through on the steps that would create it? Maybe you want to reduce weight, but you don't adhere to the lifestyle adjustment that would bring about a permanent change. You eat in a healthy way for a few days, but when temptation comes along, you give in. When you're offered cake, you don't just eat one piece, but two. This gives conflicting messages to your subconscious mind. Instead of helping you along the way, it will fall back into the pattern that's most familiar. Achieving your ideal weight will continue to elude you.

Do your intentions align with your current goals, or old comfortable habits? Many times, you might want something different in your life, such as a better position or improved health, but you don't take the actions that are necessary to move in that direction. Instead, you take the well-worn path you've always taken, and keep your goal in the future. In a year, you'll find yourself in the same situation that you're in now.

You need to follow the vision of what you want in your life, just like when you're driving. As you travel, you keep your eyes focused in the direction you want to go. If you look off to the side for any length of time, you'll start to drift in that direction. Energy and attention propel you along the track of your vision.

To get the cooperation of your subconscious, you have to give it a clear message and act accordingly. Set your intention, give clear signals about how you want to proceed, and then move in the direction that you've established. When you put consistent energy into your goal, your subconscious will support you and steer you in the right way.

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